Leave in the morning. Be on the beach by mid-day.

  • Only a 90-minute flight from Los Angeles, Loreto also offers easy-connecting flights from San Francisco, San Diego, Portland and Seattle, as well as Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Loreto International Airport offers FBO service for private aircraft. JW Marriott Residences Loreto is an easy 5-mile drive from the airport and only 7 miles from historic downtown Loreto.

When time and the tides call you.

Owners of boats and yachts of all sizes will enjoy the relative calm and easily navigable waters of the Sea of Cortez. Puerto Escondido, only 15 minutes south of JW Marriott Residences Loreto, provides state-of-the-art harbor and portage facilities. As part of the Nautical Staircase program, it is the centerpiece of the Mexican government’s plan for a series of linked ports, and serves craft ranging from small cruise ships to pleasure yachts.

“Loreto, with its calm waters, pristine white sand and friendly locals, is the Greek islands the way they used to be – but without the 15-hour plane ride to Athens.”
Los Angeles Times